Are Insurance Carriers Committing Fraud in the Handling of Hurricane Ian Claims?

Recent reports from The Washington Post suggest that insurance carriers are reducing Hurricane Ian payouts below damage estimates, deleting photos, and modifying field adjusters’ reports. This leads to the question of whether insurance carriers and their employees are committing fraud and why nothing is being done about it. Despite the fact that insurance fraud is defined as a deliberate deception perpetrated against or by an insurance company or agent for financial gain, carriers in Florida are still revising estimates and reports and deleting documentation from reports to pay homeowners less than what they are owed. Insurance carriers continue to engage in these practices as long as it remains profitable and they can do so without consequences. Furthermore, recent laws passed by the Florida legislature limit homeowners’ ability to fight their claims, effectively rewarding insurance carriers for their bad behavior. It is time for the Florida legislature to take action against insurance carrier fraud and stop passing laws that harm policyholders. Homeowners must call their state representatives and ask them what they plan to do to combat fraud on the part of insurance carriers and vote against bills that harm policyholders.