Guest Post by Mordechai L. Breier, Esq.

This weeks post is dedicated to the residents of Matlacha, Fl.  Just FYI its pronounced Mat- la- SHAY (I know Fancy … Who knew?) #SWFLStrong

Unfortunately, insurance carrier delays have become a distressing trend in the property insurance industry. Over a million homeowners on the West Coast, Central and East Coast of Florida who faithfully paid their insurance premiums are now confronted with sluggish processing times, excessive documentation requests, and seemingly endless negotiations. These delays only serve to exacerbate the hardships already faced by homeowners in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

The Consequences for Homeowners:

I personally have spoken to thousands of home and business owners in the nine months since Hurricane Ian has passed. The consequences of insurance carrier delays are far-reaching and can be devastating for homeowners. Repair and restoration work is often put on hold, leaving homes vulnerable to further damage or posing potential safety hazards. Financial strain mounts as homeowners face additional out-of-pocket expenses while waiting for reimbursement. Moreover, the emotional toll of extended uncertainty takes a toll on families who simply seek a sense of stability during these challenging times.

Advocating for Homeowners:

As homeowners affected by Hurricane Ian, it is crucial to be proactive and assertive when dealing with insurance carrier delays. Here are some steps to consider:

Document Everything: Keep meticulous records of all communication with your insurance carrier, including dates, names of representatives, and summaries of discussions. This will provide evidence and accountability should any disputes arise.

Seek Professional Assistance: Consider consulting with a licensed public adjuster who specializes in property insurance claims. A public adjuster will help navigate the complex duties after loss provisions in your insurance policy, negotiate on your behalf, and ensure that you receive fair treatment from the insurance carrier.

Get Legal Advice: A public adjuster is not a lawyer and cannot give you legal advice. If necessary, a lawyer knowledgeable in property insurance disputes should be brought in to provide additional protections or guidelines regarding insurance carrier delays, underpayments or denied or partially denied claims. Knowledge is power. Having a lawyer on your team will better help you understand your rights and empower you to advocate effectively.

Connect with Support Networks: Engage with local support groups or online communities, share experiences, and pool resources. Together, we can amplify our voices and hold insurance carriers accountable for their actions. Just a few days ago, I was driving across Pine Island Rd, crossing the bridge from mainland Cape Coral through Matlacha, to conduct a site visit in Pine Island. Sadly, now added to the colorful and uniquely Florida #SWFLStrong signs are the “waiting for insurance check” signs in front of dilapidated and destroyed homes and small businesses.


In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, the delays imposed by insurance carriers have added an additional layer of hardship for homeowners already facing significant challenges. However, by staying informed, documenting meticulously, seeking professional assistance, and connecting with support networks, homeowners can stand up for their rights and demand the timely resolution they deserve.

Remember, you are not alone in this fight. If you feel you need claim help, call and make an appointment today. Let’s continue to raise awareness about these issues, advocate for fair treatment, and work towards a future where homeowners can swiftly rebuild their lives after natural disasters without unnecessary delays from insurance carriers.

Thank you to Mendy Lipszyc and all the adjusters at Panther Public Adjusters for allowing me to contribute here. The team at Panther Public Adjuster has been a very vocal and successful advocate for thousands of Florida policy holders affected by catastrophic hurricane damage.

Mordechai L. Breier, Esq.

Attorney | Founder

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Mordechai “Mutty” Breier is a highly experienced attorney and the founder of the Consumer Law Office (CLO), a distinguished Florida-based law firm specializing in first-party insurance litigation for residential homeowners, commercial business owners, and contractors. With a strong focus on property damage cases, Mr. Breier and his team at CLO handle every aspect of the claims process, from damage inception to trial.

As the driving force behind the firm, Mr. Breier oversees its day-to-day operations and leads the Property Insurance Litigation Practice. Unlike other firms with diverse areas of practice, CLO is dedicated solely to first-party property damage insurance claims, ensuring a laser-focused approach and undivided attention to clients’ needs.

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